Cool in Cozumel — 2009

Lianna and I took our winter dive trip back to Cozumel this year. In the past, we never had any real problems there. This was my fourth trip and Lianna’s second to the island. We landed on Sunday, January 10; it was a bit cool when we got to the hotel. We were told that the harbor was closed and that the dive boats were not permitted out that day or the day before. 

We unpacked, walked around the hotel and then went into San Miguel.  In the past, on Sunday evening there would be singing and large groups of people around.  But it was quiet.  Being that the weather was cooler than normal, most of the shops had closed early and the people were staying in.  Now to a couple of New Yorkers, temperature in the mid and upper 50s at night is great for us.  But people who live this far south just don't like it at all.

The next morning, we ate breakfast and walked across to the dive shop. We were informed that the North winds still had the harbor closed; it looked like we wouldn't be diving today. We were told that this was the first time in recent history that they wouldn't permit any diving for 3 straight days. Well, we took it easy, relaxed in the sun and just enjoyed not being in New York where we heard it was in the lower 20s and that Florida was having a major cold snap, with major frost in most of the state.

Pool's Open

By Tuesday the winds had started to come around and "the pool was open."  We met some real nice people and had some real nice dives.

The only real issue on the trip that we had is that the condition of the boats that Dive Paradise has are starting to show their age and lack of care.  In speaking to some of the people around I heard that some of the travel agents are staying away from the company for this reason and that if someone requested to use them then they will book with them. 

I heard that one of the boats, the Tango, has been laid up waiting for engine parts.  While I would not post any negative response about a company directly, in this case I feel that I have to.  The boat captains, mates and divemasters all did their jobs acceptably, just having to deal with the equipment that they had.  I did see DAN O2 kits on board, but I never did open one.  And the in-between dive snacks are healthier.  Instead of bread and meat, they had fresh fruit on board.

On our last night we headed back to town for a nice meal at La Mission Downtown, picked up some last minute gifts and back to the hotel. 

Travel Notes

Sunday reminded me of why I HATE TO FLY.  We had a 6-hour layover at Charlotte. Ok, so we ate, made phone calls and relaxed (if you call relaxing in the worse chair on the planet by the gate, the rockers in the main section were GREAT).

But once we were on the plane and backed off the jetway, the pilot came over the speaker and told us that they had to shut the plane down and restart it for the computer systems to work. What in heck do they use, Windows Vista on these things ???