Favorite Links

Here are some website I would like to share with you. Some relate to my family, some to my avocations, and some just for fun.

Boy scout Troop 189
My Son Dylan's Boy Scout Troop
My Fraternal Organziation:
The Knights of Pythias
Knight of Pythias
MacArthur High School Band
My daughter Lianna's High School Band Site. Look for her name in the "Alumni Hall of Fame."
Life Support Technololgies
I worked for Life Support Technolgies after leaving EMS.
Long Island Divers Association
Beneath the Sea
Dive Training Magazine SCUBA Diving Magazine
Rodale's SCUBA Diving Magazine
Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society Tiedemann's Diving Center
Tiedemann's Diving Center
underwater Times
Dutch Springs
Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park
Divers Alert Network Every diver should become a member of DAN
National Hurricane Center
National Buoy Center
Water conditions around the world
Dr. Who
I’m wild about this show and all the spinoffs.
Masker Orchards
A great place to pick apples in the fall
I use this program to make my photo shows. It's an easy to use and understand program.
naughty codes
Find savings for just about anything on the web