Travel Trouble

The only down side of this trip was the flight back. The turbulence started five minutes into the flight and didn’t stop until five minutes before we landed.

Plus, we were taking the redeye flight; the flight was full, and this didn't make it any nicer.

Fern & Scott in Las Vegas

In November 2011 I took Fern on a short trip to Las Vegas. I have been there a couple of times over the years, but Fern had never been there and wanted to see it. We left after she was done with work on a Wednesday, and arrived in Vegas in the late evening.

Are we having fun  yet?

We decided to drive around on the strip before checking into our hotel. She was amazed at all the lights and sounds of the strip. The following couple of days we visited some of the sites that time permitted. One of the stops was a drive out to Hoover Dam. She was thrilled at going into the Dam and seeing the marvel of how they built this wonder.

On our way back I did something that I said I would never do. I have a keen fear of heights, so much so that I hate going up a ladder to clean the gutters on the lower part of the house. So, Fern was shocked when I said, "Let’s take a helicopter ride."

It was a very short ride (only three minutes or so) but that was plenty for the first time. Friends who know me were even more surprised that I would do such a thing.

We took plenty of pictures, which you can see here in my family photo album. There is also a movie on this page. It's pretty big so it will take a while to download. Click on the fountain image above to start the movie download.