Family Vacations

When the family was on vacation in Cozumel in 2004, Dylan and Fern did try SNUBA off the dock.  While they were hooked to a hose and walking in the sand, Lianna and I were swimming around them having some fun.

After our vacation to Key Largo in 2005 where we met up with Dave, Kary and their daughters, Fern told me that she was done with sitting around the pool all day waiting for Lianna and I to get back, clean up and then spend the rest of the day talking about the day dives. 

She said that I could go on all the trips I want to as long as I bring her back something — other than just a tee shirt. We are looking forward to her retiring from teaching in 2014 and doing some traveling to places we have talked about going to and seeing things above the water.




When Lianna started High School she came to me and asked if she could become a diver. Seeing this as a good way to make sure she kept up her grades, I made her a deal.  If she kept at least a 90% average in all her classes for the whole school year, then I would not only enroll her in a class at the shop, but get her a set of gear as well.

Ed was starting a class in mid March, and Lianna was pulling mid 90's in all her classes, so I enrolled her in the class. She did the entire classroom and pool work along with her school load and enjoyed it 110%.

Lianna the oboist

In mid May we went to Dutch Springs for her Open Water Check Out Dives. I was also doing an advanced class so it worked out well. Ed told me after he finished up with her group that she was a natural and that she did better than the other kids her age in the group.

In June when her final report card came, much to my surprise she had gotten a 89 in her French class. Now, Lianna had been taking French since middle school and enjoyed it. When I told her that she had broken the deal she became upset, but her mother told me in no short words that if I wanted to go away anymore I had better change the deal to an overall 90% for the year.

Since then, she hads been diving with me here in New York as well as in North and South Florida and Cozumel.  We've also been to Bonaire where she got her first taste of what a real dive nut loves to do. Load up a pick-up truck with tanks, some food and water, and just hop from site to site. 

She went on to finish high school with honors and then onto Hofstra University where she studied Music Education. In the spring of 2011 she graduated again with honors. She is now looking for her first job as a teacher. During the summer she traveled to Europe with one of her music professors (who also happens to be a Tech Diver) to perform with as an oboist with his youth group. 


When Dylan was in middle school, I took him and Fern to The Beneath the Sea Show in New Jersey. They were doing a Discover SCUBA Diving expo where kids could try SCUBA in a controlled environment. Dylan wanted to try, so we signed him up. He donned a wetsuit and went into the pool for 15 minutes of fun. We took some photos of him wearing his wetsuit, and they took some under the water as well. 

Dylan the Eagle Scout

When he started high school I offered him the same deal as Ihad offered Lianna: Keep a 90% or better average and become a certified diver. He turned down the offer. 

He was happy with his Karate and being in the Boy Scouts. His earned his First Degree or Shodan Black Belt in Karate in September 2009 and his Eagle Scout Rank in December 2010 before his 17th birthday. Since then he went on to earn a Bronze and Gold Eagle Palm and is now an Assistant Scoutmaster with the same Troop. 

He finished High School with honors and is now attending Stony Brook University.


Fern the Traveler

I have offered Fern the chance to become a diver many times. She always has said no; she enjoys swimming and snorkeling when we are away. When the shop will hold a get together she will attend and enjoy herself. Most of the time she will end up sitting with the other non-diving wives talking about how much we spend on diving or what are we planning to do next.

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