Gear Rental?

You can rent gear at a dive site, but I have seen the quality of the gear that is for rent. Like most divers, I just prefer having my own. 

Future Trend

Equipment manufacturers are now making items lighter in response to people saying that they can't take their favorite gear with them.


Travel Tips for Divers

Traveling to dive is a special thing, just like a golfer or fisherman.  The only thing difference is that we have a lot more "stuff."  It can be a real headache keeping a bag at the 50-pound mark.  Quite a few times I had to move things around at the airport to balance out the load. 

Also, make sure that you pack the items in your checked luggage that you can't take aboard.  There was a time in Cozumel, when Lianna put a dive knife in a mask box and packed it my backpack.  Well you can guess what happened when they scanned the backpack.  I lost a good knife, and Lianna couldn’t stop saying she was sorry. 

Another "trick" I heard about was a couple of people who ship their gear to their vacation spots.  There are upsides and downsides as well.  Is there someone who will receive, sign for and hold your gear?  The best situation is if you have friends or family near where you're going.  I could see in the future companies that will handle just this type of situation.  Who knows, this could be the wave of the future?

I found that it is good to travel with a group. You know each other, you know each others' skill level and what kind of divers they are.  This way there are little if any surprises.  Another up point in case something happens to piece of equipment, the leader of the group may have a replacement or is able to repair it. 

We were on Bonaire when someone crashed their first stage and now it was no good; lucky enough Ed had a replacement with him on the boat.  Later we found out that in fact he had a complete spare set of gear along with some standard parts and tools with him in his room.

Going Solo

But there is also something about going on a trip solo and taking the chance of being buddied up with someone of equal skill.  In the past, being that I could take time off and get away I would hope that I would not become a "baby sitter" to some new diver.  It's also the chance to impress your love for the sport and pass along some of the "Tricks of the Trades" to someone as well.  

You also learn one of the most important lessons diving has to teach: "Rely on yourself in case there is no one close to you." Double checking is fine; triple can be better. Keeping your gear in as close as new shape is good. Think before acting.  And always keep your head while others maybe losing theirs. And the best thing is that with diving you meet people from all different walks of life.  It's just that good.